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Directory listings can help you create valuable links to your website or other social media. Links are the foundation of topical communities, and as such they have as much, if not more, weight with search engine crawlers than keywords do.


There are several ways a directory listing enhances your credibility. First, it places you in a relevant community, for example with similar businesses. Second, by enhancing your profile. It is one more place your business is being seen – and combined with the other ‘sightings’ – enhances the overall image of your business as being a going concern. Finally, through the profile and information about your business. A well written, clear and compelling profile not only provides credibility, it helps you stand out from others.


Directories themselves have characteristics that make them highly attractive to search engines – regular fresh content (new listings); relevant, related content (eg, business); multiple other inbound and outbound links (with other business sites and content) and sheer overall size and longevity. For these reasons your Directory listing may be as or more visible in search engines as your own site!


Our primary objectives are the representation of the industry in matters of mutual interest, and the promotion of a profitable, sustainable and responsible industry.

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