Rippel Effect
Rippel Effect has a wide network of agreements with ammunition manufacturers worldwide in order to provide maximum choice to potential clients.



Rippel Effect (Pty) Ltd traces its roots to 1995 when it was established as an innovation-driven privately owned South African company.

Rippel Effect® is totally export-oriented, with a solid reputation for the supply and support of thousands of South African manufactured handheld 40mm Multi-shot Grenade Launchers to more than 30 countries around the world.

As prime contractor we take responsibility for the complete business cycle. We ensure the best possible contracting options by sourcing from qualified and licensed subcontractors. We maintain our own independent quality controls in accordance with the highest international quality standards.
Rippel Effect® is an OEM but in essence a marketing-oriented company.
Over the past ten years or longer, our name has become synonymous with innovative 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launchers and weapon upgrades.

Our marketing team consists of highly experienced marketing executives to oversee the different areas of the world in which we operate. It is our company policy to be involved with our clients directly. We therefore visit all potential clients personally to market and demonstrate products in the client’s country.  



Rippel Effect


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