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DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY, a division of DCD GROUP (Pty) Ltd, is a leading supplier of special purpose military vehicles and services to users throughout the world. DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY’s success is based on adaptability, innovation and its successful track record for cost and schedule compliance. Its expertise, experience and reliability ensure that customer requirements are interpreted correctly and manufactured to the highest quality standards, cost effectively and within schedule. DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY brings technical expertise, experience and facilities to design, manufacture and
support a broad range of products to meet individual customer needs.


DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY is a fully accredited SABS ISO 9001:2008 company for the design, development, manufacture and refurbishing of special purpose military and other vehicles as well as the supply of related renewal parts. The processes used within the company are designed by well trained and qualified industrial engineers to achieve customer objectives. All products are thoroughly inspected at various stages of production to ensure conformance to technical specifications. In-house capabilities include state of the art work areas for the following:
Design Capabilities:
• 5 Engineers.
• 2 Product Support Engineers.
• 1 Draughtsman.
• 8 CREO Advanced seats.
• 5 Windchill MPMLink (BOM) seats.
• 4 Windchill Heavy (Data Management) licenses (8 CREO plus 4 Windchill = 12).
• 8 Windchill Light (Data Management) licences.
• 3 ISODRAW seats. Manufacturing Capabilities:
• Robotic welding cells facility.
• CNC Laser cutting and drilling.
• Band saw and drilling.
• Shot blast, spray painting and coating facilities.
• Vehicle brake test facility.
• Light to heavy crane capacity.
• Armoured vehicle assembly processes and assembly line. DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY is also fullyaccredited with Moody International for the
• BS-OHSAS 18001:2007. Occupational Health & Safety.
• BS EN ISO 14001:2004. Environmental Management System.

The DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY plant is an extensive engineering manufacturing facility situated in Isando, South Africa and is currently operating a single shift within the factory. This can easily be expanded to increase production capacity should it be required. The DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY site covers 37 947.81 m2. Of this 22 347.54 m2 is undercover, incorporating the state-of-the-art technology and equipment required for the manufacture of our products. The company’s significant investment in new machinery confirms our commitment of meeting the customer’s precise quality requirements and specifications on all products. The BAAN ERP operating system has been utilized for over 10 years. This system has been customised to suit our specific needs providing us with full visibility of all activities conducted in the business, supporting real time decision making and optimising our productivity and efficiency.

DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY owns all of the Intellectual Property (IP) related to our products. As a systems house, DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY places a huge premium on the research and development of our own IP. In order to remain at the cutting edge of military vehicle technology, DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY invests a significant amount of own capital into research and development annually. We also work with carefully selected technology partners, customers and suppliers, to bring innovative integrated products that solve real world problems to the market. The business is well capitalised with strong cash reserves, and the DCD GROUP is the biggest Heavy Engineering concern in Africa. DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY contributes a significant portion to the Groups sales and profit. The major shareholder of the group is Investec Bank Ltd which holds 45% of the shares in the company. The group’s BBBEE investment partner is African Revival Investment Holdings that currently holds 37% shares in the company.

DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY maintains a South African Government SECRET Facility Clearance. Personnel assigned to any vehicle program are cleared, as appropriate, to handle classified information. DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY utilizes a variety of facility access control procedures, video cameras, alarms and safes for maintaining classified material, as well as 24-hour armed security guards as a part of their security management plan.

Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector
DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY designs and manufactures the world’s leading landmine detection system, which has been tested to international standards in the USA, France and South Africa. This is our flagship product and is also known as the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD). Since the early 1980′s this system has been successfully deployed in Africa, Middle East, Balkans and Asia. It successfully completed arduous and comprehensive testing in South Africa, at the US Army’s Yuma and product range
Aberdeen Proving Grounds and the White Sands Missile Test Range. Working with our US based international marketing partners, Critical Solutions International; we have been successful in type classifying the VMMD System on a US Government Program of Record acquisition. The combat proven Husky vehicle, which is the core of the system, is a unique landmine detection vehicle that is blast survivable, overpass capable and field reparable. Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq expanded the Husky’s role beyond detecting and marking landmines to the detection of IED’s and EFP’s. The system facilitates fast and efficient route clearance creating safe passage for military personnel and civilians. What makes the Husky unique is its ability to pass
over pressure fused anti-vehicle landmines without detonating them. In the event of a detonation, the components have been engineered in a unique modular configuration and break apart in a predictable fashion, facilitating fast in-field repairs. The system clears a 3m wide path travelling at speeds between 15 and 50 km/h depending on terrain. The systems in service have collectively been subjected to thousands of detonations. With the increasing length of route clearance missions the need was identified for a vehicle that can carry two occupants, splitting tasks between the driver and operator of the detection equipment. This has prompted an evolution to a two operator variant known as the Husky 2G, which retains the majority of features and components of the current Husky MK III as well as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), blowers and robotic arms have now been operationalized on Husky vehicles. The Husky 2G has received one of the highest accolades in the military world – being numbered among the US Army’s top ten “Greatest Inventions”.

Users of these vehicles include the US Army, US Marine Corps, JIEDDO, Canadian National Defence Force, Australian Army, South African Army, Ugandan and Kenyan Armies, as well as the Spanish and French Armed Forces and Turkey. The Halo Trust is still utilizing systems acquired by the United Kingdom in Humanitarian operations. In 2004, the US deployed its systems to Iraq and Afghanistan. Their success led, in 2005, for an order for 30.5 Chubby systems, including 61 Huskies – to simplify the logistical tail, the Americans dropped the Meerkat vehicle and replaced it with a second Husky. Since then, the US Army and USMC have together acquired about 1 400 Huskies, while other countries, notably Australia, Canada and Kenya, have bought around 200 more. Strikingly, the Australian, Canadian and Kenyan purchases of the South African system were
funded by the US government under its Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme. Mountain Lion Armoured Utility Vehicle Based on its success in service, and through observing the heavy MRAP vehicles restricted mobility in urban areas and arduous terrain DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY has developed a revolutionary new Armoured Utility Vehicle, the Mountain Lion. This versatile vehicle is capable of fulfilling multiple roles on the battlefield. Engineered for demandingly high payload while ensuring crew survivability, the Mountain Lion extends expeditionary capabilities and can be transported in a
C-130 aircraft.

The Mountain Lion is also ideally suited for peacekeeping and policing operations. Its unique design incorporates a single piece v-shaped armoured hull ensuring maximum protection from blast threats. Superb ballistic protection (also from IED’s and EFP’s) is achieved. Enclosure of all sub-systems within the hull ensures protection of critical components. The vehicle can carry a crew of up to 2 plus 8 soldiers complete with kit. The Mountain Lion has been successfully tested at the Nevada. Automotive Test Centre near Carson City, USA and has recently passed the arduous UAE Armed Forces Summer Trial at the first attempt. Blast testing has been concluded and results are well within design parameters. The Mountain Lion, was showcased early in September 2012. This vehicle has proven to be very successful, being the only vehicle in its caliber to finish the Summer Trail the first time around. Competing against large companies such as Renault, this was a great achievement for DCD. Andrew Mears, General Manager of DCD Protected Mobility, stated that the Mountain Lion, similar to the other vehicles on the Summer Trail, got stuck in the mud, but was the only vehicle able to work its way out on its own. Mears says that the Mountain Lion has been developed from the needs identified from DCD’s Husky route clearance equipment and contains an optimal balance required for a very specific niche. The Mountain Lion is ideally suited for peacekeeping, peace enforcement and policing type operations. Springbuck Armoured Personnel Carrier The permanent 4×4 Springbuck APC features a powerful MWM 6 litre engine and carries a driver and ten personnel. With B6 ballistic protection upgradeable to B7, the all-steel armoured v-shaped hull is designed to withstand a TM57 landmine under the hull, or two under any wheel. The standard configuration can be easily adapted to suit various applications, including an ambulance, cash-in transit, riot control or tactical patrol
vehicle and, with the addition of turretmounted weaponry, the vehicle can also be effectively used in combat.

DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY offers customers total life cycle support providing maintenance, repairs, logistics information, product support, training and field support for these vehicles. These vehicles are in service in various countries in Africa.





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