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GEW Technologies (GEW), an Airbus Defence & Space company, is a South African system engineering company with more than 40 years of experience in the design and production of sophisticated solutions for communication monitoring, direction finding, countermeasures, spectrum monitoring and integrated security systems.

GEW’s main focus is on local and international signal intelligence solutions ranging from monitoring, direction finding, jamming and command and control products and systems for tactical and strategic applications. Our products and systems
cover the full range of Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA) disciplines in the communications bands. GEW provides tailor-made solutions according to end-user requirements and also has extensive experience in the integration of equipment sourced from other suppliers. Tactical and Strategic Electronic Support Systems GEW offers a range of strategic and tactical/mobile EW systems designed to support the battlefield commander’s tactical decision-making through the collection of enemy communications information and to supply that information to the strategic domain for processing,
validation, analysis and direction. These scalable tactical and strategic system architectures may include HF and/or V/UHF ES stations. Individual stations are scalable to meet operational requirements. ES stations have integrated search, direction finding and monitoring capabilities. HF stations operate in the 1-30 MHz range, while V/UHF stations operate in the 20-9000 MHz range. Electronic Attack Systems GEW’s Electronic Attack systems provide proven, state-of-the-art communications jamming capabilities against modern communications waveforms. Designed to be self-contained, with applicationspecific power amplifiers and antennas, the systems may be installed at fixed locations or in transportable shelters for use in the tactical arena. GEW’s family of V/UHF ES/EA communication surveillance and electronic attack sub-systems provide the system with rapid scanning, signal detection capability and multi-waveform electronic attack. Operation can be standalone, slaved or remotely controlled. These systems can serve as part of a scalable integrated tactical EW system with C2 and direction finding capabilities.

GEW offers customised security solutions for strategic facilities such as international borders, airports, harbours,
mines, government institutions, military installations and the private sector. GEW delivers various solutions, such as Video Analytical Integrated Systems, Integrated Access Control Systems, Control Room Design, Digital IP/TCP CCTV Networks,
Asset Tracking and Management, Perimeter Intruder Detection, Vehicle Number Plate Recognition/Scanning equipment and Fibre Optic Network design & installation.

GEW manufactures solutions that provide clients with valuable information on how the radio spectrum is being used. These products and systems are specifically targeted at telecommunications regulatory authorities, public safety & security (police), maritime (port security & coastal surveillance) and paramilitary environments. These products and systems are ideal for man-transportable, mobile and fixed applications.





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