Milkor is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of 37/38 and 40mm weapons systems

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Milkor is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of 37/38 and 40mm weapons systems and is famous for it’s 40mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) range of products. Milkor – incorporated in 1981 – is rooted in humble beginnings where its founder (today Chairman), Mr Andries C. Piek had a yearning to develop a support weapons system for the South African troops fighting the border wars in the early 1980’s. He built Milkor’s first prototype Multiple Grenade Launcher in his backyard workshop in 1980.

The original 12-shot prototype went on to be developed into the six-shot Multiple Grenade Launcher and was soon adopted by the South African National Defense Force and code named the Y2. Since then, more than 50 000 of Milkor’s Multiple Grenade Launcher systems have been sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. Milkor’s speed of development and effectiveness of the weapon led to the nomination of Andries Piek for a prestigious Armscor (Krygkor) Award in Aug 1984. Mr. Piek still heads the development team today through his wealth of experience and passion to further drive the science and simplicity of the Milkor weapon systems, thus giving Milkor an unprecedented edge in the market with Mr. Piek as lead designer and inventor.

Milkor subscribes to local and international codes of conduct for the distribution of weapons systems. Milkor prides itself in having maintained a best-of-breed status for all the categories it has manufactured weapons systems in: thus forging a legacy that precedes the Milkor name. Modern Weapon enthusiasts know the original Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL) by the name of the Armscor Ultimate Six-Shot or Y2. This is a general misconception, for Armscor has never produced this weapon. They were merely the early Marketing House for the Milkor Weapon. Today Milkor stands alone in the Marketing of its own weapon systems; however there is still a good relationship between Armscor and Milkor.

Another misconception is that Rippel Effect is the original Milkor, this however is not true. This company was previously employed by Milkor in the 1990’s, to do their Marketing (then known as Milkor Marketing) and has since embarked on their own ventures.

Milkor (Pty) Ltd has no affiliaton or working relationship whatsoever with MIlkor USA.





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