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Shipbuilding in South Africa has been ongoing for some 30 years albeit in a stop-start fashion. This has resulted in a pool of expertise being created which has steadily gained experience from the diversity of projects undertaken locally. At Southern African Shipyards, we have many years of innovative and highly skilled Shipbuilding and Ship Repair history to draw from.

The CV’s of our personnel reflect the experience base line in management and first line supervision in ship repair. Behind each person is a wealth of project management and hands-on ship repair and operational experience that is invaluable to our customers. The experience is being passed on to the new employees of the Company by on the job training in the fields of management, design, project management, safety and the full range of shipbuilding disciplines.

Training Initiative: Shipbuilding is traditionally very manpower intensive with a broad band of specialized skills requirements. History has shown that Shipbuilding Artisans are a desired commodity in related industries, therefore for the Shipbuilding Industry to survive, training is essential. The introduction of the Skills and Development Act has brought new challenges to the Shipbuilding Industry. SAS is registered with SEIFSA and MERSETA. As the workload and available finances grow, the Learnerships will be expended. SAS is committed to the training of 60 apprentices over the next 5 years.



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