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Thorax LP Equipment was formed in 2006 and is 100% owned by women. Since then Thorax LP Equipment has grown into one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of life protection equipment. As a dedicated provider of a wide range of life production products, we place specific emphasis on product quality and safety. To ensure constantly high levels of quality standards, Thorax LP Equipment complies with the prescriptions contained in the latest editions of the  SABS test reports as well as NIJ and other international standards.


  • To be SA’s BBBEE market leader in the supply of quality life protection and other protective clothing.
  • To harness our passion for customer satisfaction in a manner that will guarantee achievement of our aims and objectives.
  • To be a dynamic, effective and a friendly organization.
  • To advance the relationship with our customers by  supplying superior quality life protection equipment on time every time.
  • To maximize the profit of Thorax LP Equipment
  • To provide our customers with value-for-money merchandise in a cost efficient manner that does not compromise quality and service


Our quality aims and objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide products that comply with the agreed requirements and  specifications
  2. To ensure that contract orders are carried out within the agreed  time scale
  3. To increase quality assurance levels in all products so as to minimise the risk of supplying non-conforming products.
  4. To ensure that no contracts are undertaken where customers satisfaction cannot be attained.



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